Thursday, April 21, 2011

Colbie and Kenna's Story

Colbie and Kenna
Age 3

St. Rose-Siena Hospital

Premature Birth

Colbie and Kenna became fighters the day their mom’s water broke at 23 weeks gestation. Doctors were able to delay their birth for 12 more days—which allowed their organs to further develop—before they made their entrance into the world as micro preemies. These twin sisters were born four months early, each weighing no more than one pound six ounces.

They spent almost four months in the NICU at St. Rose-Siena Hospital and received blood transfusions, fought off infections and struggled to gain weight. Kenna’s biggest obstacle was her weak lungs; it could take weeks to fight off an infection. Colbie, on the other hand, could breathe fairly well but her digestive system caused her all kinds of trouble and she struggled to gain weight.

“As a father, it is comforting to know that if my girls are tough enough to do what they’ve done, they’re tough enough to get through anything,” Geoff, Colbie and Kenna’s dad.

Although Colbie still struggles to gain weight and Kenna’s lungs still have trouble fighting off infections, these twin sisters live life like normal 3-year-olds. Colbie loves everybody and tells jokes to make people laugh. She is nicknamed “The Professor” because of her extensive vocabulary. Kenna is a tiny tornado who can’t stop moving. She is a natural athlete and loves to run, climb, throw and wrestle whenever possible.


  1. These angles have such a beautiful spirit! They will be champions for a lifetime and their story is so moving. G and S are super strong and will inspire Mom's and Dad's world wide. the Clark cousins are honored to be related.

    Sending more love, support and huge giggles and smiles.
    California Clark's

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