Friday, May 27, 2011

NICU Graduates Reunion - St. Rose Siena May 15, 11

A couple of weeks ago we attended a NICU graduates reunion at a local park. There were over 500 other families there along with the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. We were able to see some of our favorite doctors and nurses from the NICU that we hadn't seen in a long time (Scott even flew in from Indiana for the big event). We even saw Hilda, the wonderful chaplain, and our great friend Debi from the Children's Miracle Network. The girls loved it!! They got their faces painted (C had a pretty butterfly and flowers, K had Ariel from the "Little Mermaid"), temporary tattoos, bounced in the bounce house, played on the playground and came home with lots of "prizes!" We spent time with the Ruth and Dukes families too! What wonderful friends we have made (maintained) through our NICU experience! Here are a couple of links from a news article about the reunion:
Here's a picture of Colbie and Kenna playing in the sandbox:

Walmart Miracle Launch May 13, 11

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a local Walmart to help launch the donation drive for Children's Miracle Network. The people were so kind and so excited to see our girls in person and hear our story. The cashiers said that 4 out of 10 people asked will donate! Thank you for donating! And thank you casheirs for asking! The girls LOVED the cake they made for the event! Ah to be three again! ;-)